Helping You Turn Leads Into Sales

B2B Lead Generation is the process of identifying decision-makers, creating and launching outbound marketing campaigns, and ultimately introducing qualified leads to your sales team.

Think of it this way. If you want a custom-built home do you go out and construct it yourself or do you hire a contractor?

Exactly! You hire the contract.

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We invest in real-time intent data to pinpoint the companies that are searching for your products and services.

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Set Qualified Appointments

Get the sales outcomes you desire without having to build your pipeline yourself or use up valuable time and resources making calls.

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Procure the Right Lists

Find the right decision-makers and key influencers without purchasing expensive lists or identifying targets on your own.

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Enhance Inbound Lead Nurture

Enjoy more effective marketing programs that deliver qualified leads to the sales team - making everyone happy.

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Why Choose The Seashell Group ?

Many sales and marketing executives have realized; that,  the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing their B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting needs.

With our creative approach, we cut through the noise and reach your audience, giving them exactly what they want! Our lead generation framework meticulously guides them down the funnel.

Tried And Tested Work Flow

This is not restricted to simple competitor research - it includes comprehensive market analysis. We need to fully understand the target niche in order to build a measurable prospecting list.

Laser focused on what matters to your business we build our lead generation strategy around your goals and mission objectives.

We provide you with an in-depth plan to ensure you know which activities we have scheduled in order to exceed your lead generation expectations - no surprises!

Set-up and confirm appointments with the right people. All our campaigns can be fully integrated.

Meet Your Sales Goals

The Seashell Group has a proven track record of generating B2B leads that convert.

Our lead generation strategy helps your target audience engagement with your brand and get them interested in buying. We specialise in email outreach to drive demand and leads for your business.

Set up a chat today to discuss how B2B Lead Generation can help you meet your sales goals and scale your company the right way.

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B2B Lead Generation is the process of targeting prospects for the purpose of selling them a business solution. The initial phase of the any sales process, which covers the outreach and primary contact to potential business customers, is called B2B Lead Generation.

At the beginning of the of the project The Seashell Group will gain an understanding of your individual business requirements. We will discuss your wish list and do not call lists; sectors you want us to target, and decision makers to contact.

A lead is a qualified target who showed interest to learn more and talk to you about your solution. The number of leads generated varies per customer and per campaign. We - The Seashell Group; provides the initial introductions (generate lead) prior to your sales team pitch.  

We have a scoring system in place to determine the kind of lead. 

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The Seashell Group offer a tailored service, working on retainer plus commission schemes, depending on the volume of new business meetings required.

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