Influencer Marketing Services

Influencer Marketing is a relatively new channel within digital marketing but can open up an opportunity for brands to find new audiences.

Whether our client’s goal is brand awareness or customer acquisition, The Seashell Group helps brands enter into the right partnerships.

By tapping into an influencer’s niche following, clients can expand their reach and promote their products/services to that audience while keeping the conversation authentic.

The Seashell Group incorporates an analytical approach to influencer marketing driven by data fueled by results; with a continued, conscientious focus on optimization.

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Influencer Marketing Services

Our direct relationships with an expansive global network of influencers allows The Seashell Group to cultivate the right partnership unique to each client. By nurturing influencer relationships, our team of experts strengthens their brand loyalty, building credibility for our clients.

The Seashell Group helps negotiate pricing for every campaigns; delivering maximum profit. We negotiate contracts to cover all aspects; exceeding our clients goals. Our mission is to relieve our clients of cumbersome back and forth negotiations that can take significant amounts of time while ensuring each initiative is set up for success.

We push beyond impression metrics and by doing so, provide laser focused recommendations on the influencers our clients should partner with. Our team reports on the performance of influencers within the context of other paid digital channels. This allows our clients to have a full understanding of their complete 'bag of tricks' and make data-driven decisions.

The team will source several influencer campaign packages, based on our clients budget. We recommend the network and influencer that will deliver the best results; leveraging custom reports giving our clients a significant insight into their program, and optimize for maximum profitably.

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Peace of Mind

Our team of experts works tirelessly to build and maintain the relationships needed in order to make this digital channel successful for our clients. We are here to help brands get the most out of their programs and so influencer marketing can be a profitable channel in a marketer’s media mix.

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