What is a Paid Search Agency?

Using a paid search agency can help your company’s website achieve higher visibility and increase its sales. These companies help you promote your site through search engine optimization (SEO). They have access to numerous tools, including Google AdWords, which helps you get more clicks on your ads.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides a slew of data-driven internet marketing services to clients. Its flagship product, the Thrive Content Strategy, uses the latest in content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to help companies drive more traffic, increase sales, and convert visitors into customers. Its other products include custom website design, email marketing, and social media marketing. Its paid search solutions include search engine optimization, PPC management, and paid search media management. The agency also offers other perks including a 401(k) savings plan and a health benefits package. Its employees are some of the most talented in the industry.

In addition to the aforementioned services, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency offers the best customer service in the industry. Its employee benefits include paid vacation, paid holidays, 401(k) savings plan, and health benefits. It also has a team of seasoned marketing experts, content gurus, and SEO wizards that can help you achieve your marketing goals. Its client list includes companies such as Thrive Health, The Texas Rangers, and The Dallas Cowboys.

Black Propeller

Located in Bel Air, Maryland, Black Propeller is an industry leader in paid search and social advertising. They have helped more than a thousand businesses increase sales and scale their operations through digital advertising. Their experts have helped clients across all verticals and industries. From retail to insurance to real estate, they’ve got your business covered.

Black Propeller’s team is highly skilled and uses advanced tools and strategies to help you grow your business. They offer a wide range of paid search advertising services, including PPC, SEO, remarketing, RLSA, geotargeting, and ad copywriting. They also offer a money-back guarantee and guarantee performance for 90 days. The team at Black Propeller is committed to your project, and they are open to feedback. They do the best job of keeping you informed and on track.

In addition to their expertise in paid search, Black Propeller also offers social media and display ad services. They are known for their innovative ad strategies. They use a variety of platforms to drive traffic, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter. They also offer keyword research, copywriting, and web design services. They are also known for their RLSA and remarketing campaigns, and they have been able to boost sales for their clients. They also provide weekly performance reports, so you can keep track of the progress of your campaigns.

The best part of working with Black Propeller is that they’re always open to feedback and are able to make your business grow. In fact, they’ve been able to double the number of leads that you’re receiving since they’ve started working with you. They’ve also been able to boost your sales volume and average order value, and they have been able to lower your cost per lead.


Founded by entrepreneur Lolita Petrossov, Eve star is a full-service, fast-growing digital marketing agency. They have a proven track record of delivering precise execution and expert ideas. They work with brands from consumer tech and electronics to apparel and fashion, and food and beverage. They specialize in paid search marketing across several channels. They also specialize in eCommerce. They provide services such as website design, SEO, eCommerce development, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, Google advertising, SMS marketing, and social media marketing.

Evestar works with brands that have a budget and want to move up the marketing ladder. They help clients increase their profits by scaling their brands. They work with emerging brands and billion-dollar companies. They are a digital marketing agency that thinks like a businessperson and offers services that are focused on the business. They use their expertise to ensure that every client’s partnership is profitable.

Evestar Interactive is a team of experts who optimize your ad spend, test keyword strategies, and create ad campaigns. They also create reports to track your metrics. They also specialize in machine learning to target the right customers with video ads. Evestar has a team of Google ad buying experts who have mastered the management of Google ads. They have worked with some of the most recognized brands in the industry.

Evestar advises clients to allocate half of their digital marketing budget to email marketing. It also recommends spending a minimum of 50% of your budget to SMS marketing. They also offer custom PPC pricing plans to suit your needs. They can also integrate with your email management service.

Evestar is one of the top eCommerce digital marketing agencies in Miami. Their team of experts has decades of experience scaling businesses.


Founded in 2009, HigherVisibility is a full-service digital marketing agency. It provides services that help you drive more organic traffic to your website and increase conversions. Its team of certified paid search specialists is committed to providing you with a high-quality ROI. The company’s services include paid search marketing, SEO, directory listing management, and social media management. HigherVisibility has worked with hundreds of small businesses, including a variety of Fortune 1000 companies.

HigherVisibility’s experienced team performs professional SEO audits, provides expert advice on remediation opportunities, and creates high-converting landing pages. They also offer ad copy that is focused on quality scores and ad A/B testing. The agency also offers off-site optimization in the form of link building. The company’s team monitors keyword performance and bid adjustments. Lastly, they offer custom PPC management solutions that help your business scale higher in search results.

HigherVisibility has been recognized by multiple publications and websites as one of the top PPC agencies in the industry. They also provide free SEO tools to help you manage your site. They have a separate review page, which is filled with 5-star reviews. The company’s pricing is not publicly disclosed, but it does average around $100 to $149 an hour. The company does not give out pricing information, but customers must schedule a consultation with their representative to get a quote.

HigherVisibility is an award-winning PPC agency that focuses on comprehensiveness and consistency in its 2017 submission. It offers e-commerce SEO services and local SEO services. Its team of certified paid search specialists creates high-converting landing pages and ad copy. They manage 225 projects for their clients annually. They also provide a free consultation for new customers.


Founded in 2004, OuterBox has become one of the leading B2C digital marketing agencies in the United States. They offer SEO, eCommerce web design, PPC, shopping management, and email marketing services for all kinds of businesses. Their team of experts has helped hundreds of companies achieve success. Their services are highly curated, enabling them to offer personalized, tailored PPC and eCommerce marketing solutions.

OuterBox’s Google Ads specialists focus on ROI and the quality of inbound leads. They work with clients throughout the month, tweaking bids, modifying ad copy, and regularly analyzing results to ensure the highest conversion rates. They also offer custom PPC pricing plans. They specialize in developing highly targeted PPC campaigns for businesses of all sizes. They offer services such as retargeting campaigns, based on a business’ target demographics.

OuterBox is a Google Partner and one of the top rated B2C digital marketing agencies in the country. Their team has managed campaigns in eight markets in the Asia-Pacific region for Otterbox, a leading manufacturer of smartphone cases. This month, they will be managing paid search in nine markets: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, and Japan. They expect more growth in 2022.

OuterBox’s team has helped hundreds of companies achieve success. Their specialists have helped businesses in every industry increase their sales with high-quality SEO and eCommerce marketing solutions. They are experts in Google Ads, Amazon, and Google Shopping management. They serve clients across the country and are dedicated to their clients’ success. They are a Google Partner and offer custom PPC pricing plans.


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